Acteon UK

Acteon UK

1 Steel Close
Eaton Socon
St Neots
PE19 8TT

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The UK distribution company of the Acteon group, and the UK agent for Soredex products. Provision of dental equipment compatible with all surgery concepts and specialisation in radiography including all forms of digitalisation. The most comprehensive range of ultrasonics in dentistry and further items which include intraoral cameras, LED curing lights, micro motors, electrosurgery apparatus, amalgamators, autoclaves and portable domiciliary units. Satelec produces a full range of products for installation into dental units so that scalers, micro motors, curing lights, and intraoral cameras can all be added to the dental delivery system. With both digital radiography and intraoral cameras requiring computer interfaces, Satelec UK can arrange a full consultancy to ensure the necessary software is provided and correctly installed. The Satelec UK company also distributes Riskontrol disposable 3/1 syringe tips.