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As an independent engineering company, our aim is to achieve excellence in everything we do, from our engineers through to the class leading products we supply. We constantly review the market to ensure we provide the latest and best products for our customers, the latest being the Sterilair Pro and SteriSafe Pro – powerful weapons against coronavirus.


We understand that the pressures on practices are enormous, trying to balance the need to provide high levels of patient care whilst also remaining profitable. We work to help you achieve both of these, getting the best return on the investment in your equipment and working with you to ensure they stay operational and don’t break down meaning you have to close your surgery.

Established in 1999, Ai Healthcare have developed an unrivalled team of highly trained engineers and support staff dedicated to the Healthcare industry, including Dental, Medical and Veterinary. Our engineers are fully employed by Ai Healthcare, trained by the equipment manufacturers and committed to providing you with an excellent service. We don’t believe in a “one package fits all” approach to servicing. We would conduct an audit and produce a quote that’s bespoke to your practice. All include annual servicing and compliance checks. Our Practice and Product Services Packages offer great value, service and efficiency.

ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.

Ai Healthcare are contracted by Public Health England (PHE) for Radiation Protection Advice (RPA) and X-Ray equipment assessments.

In our drive to deliver excellence for our customers we work with the best manufacturers for all technical equipment in your surgery, including gas sedation, digital imagery, decontamination and complete surgery solutions. To find out more about our partners contact us.


Driving our approach to our work is our values:

- Value is at the heart of what we do.

- Leading edge, technology and support.

- Relationships are central to our work, with our customers and our partners.

- Reliable, deliver excellence in service.

Products and Brands

Sterilisation & Coronavirus​
- Sterilair PRO

Gas Sedation - Exclusive UK Supplier of Baldus Gas Sedation
Leading the way in the next generation of gas sedation, Baldus’ Nitrous Oxide Sedation units allow dentists to put patients at ease and create a less stressful environment.
- Baldus Touch - Mixer Unit
- Baldus Analog - Mixer unit
- Baldus Scavenger - Breathing System

Computer aided design meets the dental profession, from intraoral scanning to flexible designing and chairside milling, we help you select and install the best products to deliver the latest, precision dental care for your patients.
- Planmeca Emerald™ S
- Planmeca Emerald™
- Planmeca Creo® C5
- Planmeca FIT®

Digital Imagery Products
From 3D to panoramic imaging, technology now allows us to see details that we only dreamt of ten years ago. Plan Meca imaging units provide unmatched attention to detail and quality at every stage of the treatment.
- Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic
- Planmeca ProScanner®
- Planmeca ProX™

Steriliers, Washers & Discinfectors
Modern practices have to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and to ensure this can happen you need to know that your equipment is being cleaned in lines with modern decontamination guidance. Our partners with W&H who manufacture class leading Washer Disinfector units that can be benchtop or underbench installed.
- Lisa – 17L & 22L
- Lara – 17L & 22L
- Lina – 17L & 22L
- MS autoclave

Dental Chairs
The comfort of your patients is essential but costly. Our engineers will identify the best chair for your needs. The chair is central to any surgery and around which the surgery will be designed. Modern chairs will have 5-axis movement giving exceptional levels of flexibility and comfort.
- Planmeca Compact™ i Classic
- Planmeca Compact™ i5

Surgical Solution
New way of conceiving space, a new way of managing operations, a new way of communicating with the patient.
- Kyri
- Smart Trolley
- Orion 40DS – Ceiling
- Orion 40DS – Wall mounted
- Orion 40 DS – On column
- Kyri Cart

The devil is all on the detail and the handpieces in any dental practice will ultimately help deliver the best patient care. Our partners W&H are one of the leading manufacturers of innovative handpieces to help you deliver that care.
- Synea Fusion Range – Turbines & Contra-angles – Optic or non optic
- Alegra Range – Turbines & Contra-angles – Non-optic

Design and Build
Design and refurbishment of surgeries and practices is personal but at it’s core is the need to deliver excellent patient care. Every practice and surgery is different and it’s requirements different so our specialist architects and engineers will listen and understand what your needs are before they develop the design for your practice. Developing the layout is one element of the process, ensuring you have the right equipment is also fundamental and our highly trained engineers will identify and source the right technical equipment for you from our class leading partners.
- 3D Design for room layout
- Installations
- Rebuilds
- IT Upgrades
- Facilities

Our products, supported by our maintenance and service packages delivered by our team of highly trained engineers ensure you get the maximum return on your investment and help you provide excellent patient care. Finance options available.

Dental Services
- Call Outs & Repair
- EmergencyBreakdown

Testing & Validation
Decontamination & HTM, Validation
- X-RAY Inspection
- Autoclaves & Washer disinfectors
- Pressure Vessel Inspection
- Sales, Support & Install of all of your decontamination equipment
- Radiation Environmental Risk Assessment

Maintenance & Servicing
Dental Chair Servicing
- Suction Pump Servicing
- X-RAY Inspection
- Compressor Servicing


Biosan® 100% Natural Hygiene Solutions

100% natural antiviral multi-purpose sanitiser and disinfectant. Alcohol-free, hypoallergenic solution that kills germs on contact without being harmful to humans or animals.

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Sterilair Pro - Air Biological Treatment System

Sterilises ambient air thanks to the action of 4x 25W Philips UV-C tubes. Treats 120 m³ air/hour - bacterial reduction over 99% within 3 hours of use Wall-mounted unit or Mobile stand

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