Calcivis Ltd

Calcivis Ltd

Nine Edinburgh BioQuarter Little France Road Edinburgh EH16 4UX

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Calcivis is an innovative medical devices company focused on technology to support the management of dental caries and enable preventive dentistry. Established in 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Calcivis brings together novel biotechnology approaches and world-class development expertise and is at the forefront of applying biotechnology to dentistry.

The Company is developing the Calcivis® Caries Activity and Demineralisation Imaging System. This System will, for the first time, allow dentists to visualise active demineralisation, key to caries and other conditions such as acid erosion. Until now, assessment of caries activity has relied primarily on visual and tactile inspection and subjective clinical judgement which may lead to active caries lesions going untreated and the unnecessary treatment of inactive lesions. 

The Calcivis System involves a unique, proprietary bioluminescence approach combined with a specialised imaging device which allows accurate detection and visualisation of demineralisation by imaging free calcium ions at the tooth surface; a caries lesion which is actively demineralising is more likely to progress and lead to cavitation. Real-time assessment of caries activity and demineralisation with the Calcivis System will allow for tailored, rational, evidence-based treatment in line with dental best practice.