Calcivis Ltd

Calcivis Ltd

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CALCiViS® is the pioneering medical devices company that introduced biotechnology to dentistry. Developed by a team of industry experts and leading clinical specialists, the CALCiViS® imaging system enables dental professionals to accurately detect and visualise active demineralisation on the surfaces of the teeth, which is key to the management of caries and other conditions such as dental erosion.

The CALCiViS® imaging system uses a bioluminescent photoprotein to detect free calcium ions as they are released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces. By capturing this information in real time at the chair side, this unique technology provides visual evidence of the disease process at the very early stages. This enables non-invasive, preventive measures to be applied to prevent further damage to the structure of the teeth.

In addition, the CALCiViS® imaging system is a powerful educational and communication tool. It generates glowing images of the surfaces of the teeth that improve patient understanding, which in turn, motivates them to comply with preventive strategies designed to help them avoid more invasive procedures in the future.

By visualising the previously invisible, the CALCiViS® imaging system allows dental professionals to differentiate, at a very early stage, between caries lesions that are actively demineralising (and therefore likely to progress) and those that are not. It acts as an effective early detection system to assist confident decision-making and represents a significant step forward for the preventive, minimally invasive approach.