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CleanCert Holdings Ltd

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CleanCert's value proposition is focused around Innovative Infection Control & Water Purification products, primarily aimed at the dental market. The active ingredient in 3 of our core products is an extraordinary molecule called Hypochlorous (HOCl), which is now being universally acknowledged as one of the most effective active ingredients yet developed.

Its biocompatability means it is non-cytotoxic and non mutagneic, making it safe to use around mammalian cells in both external and invasive clinical treatments.

For example, our hard surface disinfectant, OptiZil,  saves over 80% time in killing viruses compared to traditional chemistries (BS EN 14476- 1 min. vs 5 mins) and our biofilm remover, CleanCert, saves over 92% time (ISO 16954- 40 minutes vs 12 hours) compared to other products on the market.


Over a decade of developing game-changing products for all dental staff. We supply into largest dental corporates in the UK, NHS dental departments as well as thousands of high street dental practices.


We supply innovative products that keep patients and clinical staff free from infection and safe from toxic risks.

For over 10 years, CleanCert Innovations has operated at the forefront of high-performance clinical infection control and water management.

We help clinical practices manage infection risks without the need for toxic chemicals; we produce pre-mixed solutions to save time and provide one-step applications to reduce the downtime associated with multi-step processes.

Our pioneering solutions are more powerful, efficient and safer to use than conventional products, giving clinicians and practice staff the means to run their practices more effectively.

Products and Brands

OraWize+ oxidising mouthwash

OptiZil hard surface disinfectant and hand sanitiser

CleanCert biofilm remover

Eau Flow RO water purification

Charitable connections

We donate our disinfectant products to Dentaid whenever asked.


Eau Flow RO water purification

* The most efficient method for producing purified water for autoclaves and chairs * 'Speed fit' maintenance connections * Complete water quality monitoring

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OptiZil Hard Surface Disinfectant & Hand Sanitiser

* Multi-surface disinfectant & hand sanitizer without toxic risk. * 1 minute contact for viral efficacy (BS EN14476). * Pure HOCl stabilised for 1 year. * Non-cytotoxic and biocompatible.

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OraWize+ oxidising mouthwash

• Stabilised HOCl (1 yr). • Minimises the risk from aerosol generating procedures, by helping reduce viral load. • Non-toxic, biocompatible & no acrid taste

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