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Curaprox UK supply a broad range of products to help you maintain optimum oral health. As your Hygienist would agree – clean teeth, healthy gums, happy people! To keep your teeth and mouth healthy needs more than just conventional cleaning. Curaprox UK offers the most comprehensive range of brushes to ensure you can clean your whole mouth effectively and gently. This will require not only a high quality toothbrush, but also a set of interdental brushes, with varying radii, to ensure you can clean the spaces between your teeth, to make certain you remove daily debris that can lead to the build up of plaque.

Oral health for everyone!
A perfectly clean tooth cannot become diseased. This is why we have been committed to improved oral hygiene for decades now and why we develop leading products in this field. Our ultra soft toothbrushes and single toothbrushes as well as the new generation of interdental brushes are highly recommended by dental professionals. They clean gently and efficiently.

Your tongue knows what’s going on.
The tongue test is free and doesn’t lie! Your tongue is a good instrument for checking whether teeth are clean – it can feel furry surfaces at once. Smooth teeth rather than white teeth are decisive in terms of health. Ask your tongue – it knows when it’s time to clean your teeth!

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Drymouth, Oral hygiene, Orthodontic products, Patient education, Preventive products, Training and seminars