GC United Kingdom Ltd

GC United Kingdom Ltd

16-23 Coopers Court
Newport Pagnell
MK16 8JS

T 01908 218 999

Membership type Full
ISO Notified Body BSI
Business categories Manufacturer|Wholesaler

GC first opened the doors of its UK division in April 1993 selling the (then) newly-launched Fuji II LC glass ionomer restorative material. This was a totally unique concept in restorative materials that took the market by storm. Since those early days, GC (UK) has grown from strength to strength over the years, spreading its wings to include the full range of Fuji glass ionomers, impression materials, and a new aesthetic composite system, Gradia Direct. Laboratory products include a range of investments, dental stones, a composite crown & bridge material and Initial, an all-round ceramic system for every indication.

Following extensive research in minimal intervention techniques, GC is putting together a complete programme to enable dentists and their patients to benefit. As a result, UK dentists have been excited by the addition to the Fuji glass ionomer range, Fuji VII. This was followed by the introduction of the Saliva-Check Buffer Kit, providing a valuable diagnosis tool to help identify potential problems in the oral environment due to unhealthy saliva.

The latest product to be introduced is a remineralising topical cream called Tooth Mousse, the 'fluid enamel' which restores mineral balance. Contact GC (UK) for further details.

Products and Brands

Products Supplied: 
Burs/diamonds/abrasives, Dental Media, Denture base materials, Digital imaging, Drymouth, Filling materials, Flasks and dental presses, Impression materials, Investments, Light activated systems, Oral hygiene, Orthodontic products, Polishing products, Preventive products, Training and seminars

Company Brands: 
Acro Sep, Acron MC, Aroma Fine Dust Free III alginate, Base Stone, Bite Compound, Casting Liner, Caviton, Ceramic Primer, Check Bite Trays, Cocoa Butter, Coe Comfort, Coe Impression Trays, Coe Kooliner, Coe Pak, Coe Soft, Composite Primer, Cosmotech Vest, Dry Mouth Gel, Epitex, Exabite II NDS registration material, Exafast Impression Materials, Exajet Impression Materials, Examix Impression Materials, Fit checker, Fit Checker II, Freegenol, Fuji I, Fuji II, Fuji II LC glass ionomer, Fuji IX GP, Fuji IX GP Extra, Fuji VIII GP, Fuji Bond LC, Fuji Coat LC, Fuji Lining LC, Fuji Ortho cements, Fuji Plus, Fuji Triage, FujiCem, Fujirock EP, Fujivest Platinum, Fujivest Premium, Fujivest Super, G-Bond, G-Cera Orbit Vest, G-├Žnial, G-Cem, G-Coat Plus, G-Light, GC Pliers, GC Vest-G, Gradia Core and Fiber Post, Gradia Direct, Gradia Direct Flo, Gradia Direct LoFlo, Gradia Direct X, Gradia Gum, Impression Separation Wafer, Initial, Initial Ceramic System, Inlay Wax, InMetalBond, Iso Functional Sticks, Kalore, LaboLight, Metalprimer II, Metal Strips, MI Paste Plus, Miracle Mix, MultiPress Vest, Multi-Sep, Optiglaze, Ostron, Pattern Resin LS, Plaque Indicator Kit, Plastone, Rebaron, Reline, Reline Soft/Xsoft, Retention Beads II, Revolek LC, Roclean, Saliva-Check Buffer Kit, Silver Mix 90, Soft Liner, Soldervest Quick, Stellavest, Steplight, Tissue Conditioner, Tooth Mousse, Treclean, Unifast III, Unifast LC, Unifast Trad