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J&S Davis – Small enough to care, bold enough to lead.

J&S Davis Ltd is an exclusive UK distributor which sources the highest quality products in their category from all over the world. These products are then made available to dental professionals via their usual dental retailers. 

The unique products sourced cover restoration, endodontics, periodontics, hygiene, oral surgery and more, from a range of leading manufacturers including Kuraray, LM Instruments, Micro-Mega, Cavex, Meisinger, BPR Swiss, Solo and most recently, Curaden SpA.

Ordering a J&S Davis product is simple. You can either contact your usual retailer and place your order with them or you can contact J&S Davis directly who will take your order and pass it on to your preferred retailer who will invoice you as usual. You can also order through your local J&S Davis Product Specialist who will process the order in the same way.

J&S Davis has been bringing quality solutions to practice for over 100 years and will continue to do so.


J&S Davis was founded in 1908 by brothers Joel (Joe) and Solomon (Solly) Davis possibly because their brother Phillip was a dental surgeon. Their first export agencies included Lee S. Smith & Son Manufacturing Co. and Arnold Biber.

The company stopped trading at the start of World War 1. Solly had a distinguished military career as an army captain. He fought through the French, Belgian and Gallipoli campaigns and was awarded the Military Cross.

After the war, the Davis brothers worked in the United Kingdom Dental Ltd which they formed with W Linford Smith. The firm manufactured teeth. Within a year the company was purchased by the DeTrey group (now Dentsply). Joe and Solly then reestablished J&S Davis representing Universal Dental Company, Lee S. Smith & Son Manufacturing Company, J F Jelenko & Company, E J McCormick Rubber Company, King’s Specialist Company and Dentinol and Pyrozide Company.

In 1922 Mark Schottlander left the De Trey group to join with Joe and Solly in forming Davis Schottlander and Davis (DSD). The business grew steadily in the inter-war years.

Solly’s son John joined the business family business briefly in 1940 before enlisting in the RAF. He flew Spitfires until he was knocked over by a lorry in the desert. He was in hospital for several months with a fractured femur during which time most of his squadron were killed. Joe and Solly remained with DSD until their deaths in 1946 and 1951 respectively. After Solly’s death, John left and restarted J&S Davis.

After the war, John restarted J&S Davis in 1952. One of the early ranges distributed was from Dentatus of Sweden.

During the next forty years John was responsible for bringing to the UK market many products and ideas now thought of as every day. In the seventies his youngest brother Victor was Finance Director.

In 1955 Keur & Sneljtes (Now Cavex) was added to the J&S Davis product range.

1964 saw the launch of the first disposable needle in the UK dental market, Solo Needle. (In the first year sales exceeded several million, again with disbelief from the Trade.) Solo Saliva Ejectors soon followed). Followed by the launch of the popular Indian Head Mirror (Union Broach).

Solo Impression Trays were conceived and born in 1969; the numbering system eventually became the universal Impression Tray numbering system for plastic trays in UK and much of Europe.

In 1991 when the business was acquired by Planmeca, John Davis retired and his son Daniel assumed responsibility for J&S Davis. (John passed away in October 2014 aged 92.)
Distribution of LM Instruments (Finland): The original ergonomic silicone handled instrument range which transformed instrument choice and is still the instrument by which others are measured.

John Davis in 1992 retired and Daniel Davis assumed responsibility for the J&S Davis division.

Distribution of Meisinger (Germany) and Micro-Mega (France) began.

J&S Davis is back in the family!

Daniel Davis became the owner of J&S Davis Limited on the 1st May 2012 having purchased the business from Plandent Ltd (Planmeca).

J&S Davis moved premises into their own building in 2013, where they remain today.



Mantra: Being independent sets us free, lets us put people first, and be a guiding light in an ever-changing world.

Our independence is our greatest strength. It gives us the freedom to put our people and customers first in all we do. It also allows us the flexibility to pioneer new areas of development.

To work with J&S Davis truly is to work with a partner you can trust to understand and put your needs first above any corporate agenda. They are perfectly sized to discover, adapt to and share the latest advances in the industry which they pass onto their customers.

J&S Davis are a partner in the truest sense. They are there to guide and advise, to go on the journey with you. They have your interests at heart, shining a light on new developments or techniques, finding better, smarter ways of doing things.

A warm welcoming
We understand the value of a warm welcome.

Look to the future
We use our strong pioneering spirit to look to tomorrow in helping answer the challenges of today. We’re always searching to make the next discovery that will help those around us push forward.

Invite fresh thinking
We bring fresh thinking to everything we do. We understand that by looking at something in a new way will usually bring a fresh perspective and greater chance of a successful result for those that we work with. We encourage our colleagues to bring forward new ideas or better ways of doing what we do.

Make room for fun
We know that people are the heart of J&S Davis and so encourage ourselves to take a step back. We have an innate sense of fun and positive energy which we use to engage and inspire our team to reach their full potential.

Appreciate our value
We are a centre of knowledge that assist people in their work. We add real value to those we work with, understanding the attention to detail needed as well as seeing the big picture. We go that extra mile; not simply for good customer service, but because we care about what we do and what our actions say about us.

Products and Brands

Products Supplied: 
Autoclaves, Brushes, Burs / diamonds / abrasives, Casting apparatus, Cements, Cross infection consumables, Crown forms, Desensitisers, Domiciliary/portable equipment, Endodontic equipment, Endodontics, Filling materials, Hand instruments, Handpieces, Implants, Impression materials, Light activated systems, Medicaments, Mouthguard equipment and materials, Needles and syringes, Oral hygiene, Orthodontic products, Polishing products, Purified water systems, Root posts, Sterilisers, Surgery sundries, Teeth whitening, Training and seminars, Turbines and motors, Ultrasonic equipment, Ultrasonics, Water distillers

Company Brands: 
Amalgam Separator, Benex, Bite & White, BPR Swiss, CA37, Cavex, Cello, Ceramic Primer, Clearfil, Cordent, Curasept, Endo NiTi, ErgoAccess, ErgoFinger, ErgoGrip, ErgoMax, ErgoMix, ErgoNorm, ErgoSense, ErgoSingle, Esthetic Cement, Herofill, Hero Shaper, Impresafe, Kuraray, L&R, LiftOut, LM-Instruments, Lustra, Magician, Majesty, Masserann, Meisinger, Micro-Mega, MultiHolder, One Curve, Orthotrace, Panavia, Pastinject, PowerHand, Prime Line, ProPower, R-Endo, Revo-S, RondoPlus, Rush Brush, Servo, Shaper, Sharp Diamond, Smart-Port, Slimlift, Solo, Sterigage, TwistOut, 2Shape

Charitable connections

Corporate Supporter of the Oral Health Foundation


BPR Mobile Dental Equipment

Multiple-use rooms? The mobility and plug-and-play function of the mobile carts and units. Use in dental clinics, hospitals, care homes, school dental, domiciliary visits, etc.

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BPR Portable Dental Equipment

Need to visit sick patient or care home? These are portable, plug-and-play so more flexible and efficient. Other areas dental clinics, hospitals, care homes, school dental, remote areas, armies etc

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Cavex ImpreSafe

Cavex ImpreSafe Impression Disinfectant takes just 3 minutes to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi without affecting the impression surface.

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Clearfil Majesty ES Flow

Clearfil Majesty ES Flow is Kuraray’s highest filled, universal flowable composite in terms of sub-micron filler particles.

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Clearfil Majesty ES-2

Clearfil Majesty ES-2 classic monochromatic composite is available in Vita and additional shades, allowing aesthetic restorations on anterior as well as posterior teeth. Just blend in.

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Curasept ADS Chlorhexidine Gel

Curasept ADS 350 Gingival Gel is a chlorhexidine anti-microbial gel with patented Anti Discolouration System. Ideal for patients who cannot get immediate dental care.

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Curasept ADS Chlorhexidine Mouthwash

Curasept ADS is professional range of anti-bacterial mouthwashes, which contains Anti Discolouration System (ADS) which drastically reduces the appearance of brown-yellow spots that can form on teeth.

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Curasept ADS Toothpaste with Chlorhexidine

Fluoride and Chlorhexidine 0.05% daily use 0.12% or 0.20% toothpaste. Protects gums and teeth against attack by harmful bacteria. Anti-Discolouration System. Alcohol, sugar and SLS free.

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Curasept Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Rinse

H2O2 used as start of pre-procedural rinse followed by Curasept ADS 220 Mouthwash, combines H2O2’s ability to oxidate COVID and Chlorhexidine substantivity and its established ability to disinfect.

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LM Arte Instruments

Range of colour-coded and named by its main function for easy, efficient and quick treatments. Developed with Style Italiano. Beautiful results

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LM Elevators & Luxators

Elevators for forceful extraction. Luxating instruments for atraumatic extraction (LM-LiftOut) and for extremely narrow places (LM-SlimLift).

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LM ErgoMix Implantology Curettes

Easily exchangeable titanium tips offer economical and ergonomic implant maintenance. Excellent tactile sensitivity and optimal rigidity. Will not harm abutments. Maintain in the normal way.

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LM Hand Perio Instruments

The most ergonomic (feel, design & weight) hand instrument for performing dental work. Available with a selection of different handles, ErgoSense, ErgoMax, ErgoNorm.

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Panavia V5

Simplify your cementation with only one system that covers all indications. Panavia V5 comes in a handy automix syringe for easy, time saving application with easy clean-up of excess cement.

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QuickmatFLEX Sectional Matrices

QuickmatFLEX from Polydentia, are ultra-thin titanium sectional matrices with excellent elastic memory.

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Solo Supra Needles

Sharp and to the point, Solo Supra Needles are the world's first, single use, disposable needle.

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Teethmate Desensitizer

Offers a real solution for sensitivity by creating Hydroxyapatite. Quick to apply, closes dentinal tubules & enamel cracks. Treats dentin abrasion, gingival recession, perio disease, acid erosion.

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