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LABORATORY MATERIALS: Modelling Wax: A leading range of precisely graded and controlled waxes. Each wax has a tightly controlled softening profile designed to suit the most efficient working techniques and local climatic conditions. Brands include Anutex, Anutex HS, Tenatex, Astynax, Tenacetin, Tenasyle modelling waxes and Alminax bite registration wax. Silicones: Kemsil Precise is a revolutionary new easy-to-use addition – cured lab putty. Kemsil Duplicating silicone for the most accurate reproduction work. Acrylics: Acron Hi, new super-strong high impact denture base acrylic. Acron Express, new super-fast dough, heat-cure denture base acrylic. Simplex Rapid cold-cure special repair and reline acrylic. Simplex Hi self-cure high impact acrylic designed for additions, repairs and relines to high impact strength dentures. Kemdent Trays: Shellac special tray blanks, light cure trays.

SURGERY MATERIALS: Glass Ionomer Range includes Diamond90, Carve, Snappy, Core and Capsuls. Diamond is an ideal alternative to amalgam. Composite – Diamond Finish an advanced, easy to use, microhybrid composite available in Packable syringes and flowable application caps. Diamond Bond, nano-reinforced, self-etching restorative adhesive. Diamond Bond enables dentists to combine the advantages of Diamond Carve or 90 GIC with the aesthetic benefits offered by the new Diamond Finish composite technology in a single procedure.

OTHER: Liners; cements: Zonalin and Alganol; polishing products: polishing discs; surgery consumables: prophylaxis paste; bite registration and impressions: Alminax bite waxes.

Accredited to ISO 9001–2008.

Products and Brands

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Denture base materials, Filling materials, Impression materials, Laboratory instruments and tools, Laboratory sundries, Polishing products, Surgery sundries, Wax

Company Brands: 
Acron Express acrylic, Acron Hi acrylic, Alganol cement, Alminax wax, Anutex wax, Anutex HS wax, Associated Dental Products Ltd, Astynax wax, Capsules restoratives, Carve restoratives, ChairSafe disinfectant, Core restoratives, Diamond 90 restoratives, Diamond Bond, Diamond Finish composite, InstrumentSafe, Light Cure Trays, PracticeSafe disinfectant, Shellac trays, Simplex HI high impact acrylic, Simplex Rapid acrylic, Snappy restoratives, Tenacetin wax, Tenatex wax, Zonalin cement


ChairSafe Alcohol free disinfectant

Formulated to clean sensitive surfaces and equipment, including the leather and synthetic facings of dental chairs. The foam is non-drip. Making it ideal for the angles and contours of a dental chair.

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Diamond Carve Glass Ionomer Cement

A hand-mixed glass ionomer cement for posterior indications, including non-load bearing class I and II restorations, together with class V abrasion cavities.

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Diamond Rapid Set GIC Capsules

Chemical curing Glass Ionomer Cement Capsule, restorations can be placed in one increment, saving time and avoiding the creation of stresses within a restoration.

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Kemdent Mouthwash Tablets

Kemdent mouthwash tablets provide the patient with a refreshing, cleansing mouthwash. Available in 3 flavours, removing unpleasant taste left in the patients mouth after treatment.

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Kemdent Prophylaxis Paste

This unique formulation is clean and easy to use. Six fresh flavours. Special viscosity ensures that paste clings to the prophylaxis brush and will not spatter. Two grits are offered, Medium & Coarse

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PracticeSafe Alcohol Base Disnifectant Spray

Specially formulated for hard alcohol resistant surfaces in Dental Practices and commercial laboratories. Effective against Viruses

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