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Precision Dental Products

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Precision Dental Products (PDP) are very well regarded and known for total delivery of quality products, excellent service and cost effective pricing.

All orders are despatched promptly and efficiently and the team will do their utmost to exceed your expectations and provide you with a consistently reliable and professional service every time you call.

PDP specialise in a wide range of premium quality Rotary and Hand Instruments, Medical Gloves, Materials and Equipment. PDP hold stock of major brands including Fortis, Handcare, Uposil, Coltene, NSK, Voco, Tepe, 3M, Perfection Plus and others.

See the full range and latest offers on Orders can be placed online anytime. Call PDP soon on 020 8236 0606, for more information, or to place an order.

Products and Brands

Products Supplied: 
Abrasive / rotary tools, Anaesthetics, Burs / diamonds / abrasives, Cements, Cross infection consumables, Crown and bridge appliances, Crown forms, Drill units, Drymouth, Endodontics, Gloves, Hand instruments, Handpieces, Impression materials, Needles and syringes, Retention pins, Root posts, Surgery sundries, Surgery wear, Teeth whitening

Company Brands: 
Adper Prompt L-Pop self-etch adhesive, Adper™ Easy Bond, Adper™ Prompt™ L-Pop™, Adper™ Scotchbond™ 1 XT, Adper™ Scotchbond™ Multi-Purpose, Adper™ Scotchbond™ Multi-Purpose Plus, Adper™ Scotchbond™ SE, Affinis System 360 Monobody, Agfa, AH Plus, Alginoplast, Algitray, Alkacide, Alkaspray, Amalcap Plus, Amalgam Carriers, Amalgomer, Anutex wax, ApexCal, Apex ID, Apexit Plus, Aquacem, Aquafresh mouthwash, toothbrush and toot, Aquasil Ultra, Ash Forceps, Ash Instruments, Ash Luxation Kit, Ash Rubber Dam, Calypso, Cavex, Caviton, Cavitron, Cavitron Belissima FSI inserts, Cavitron FSI Inserts, Cavit™, CaviWipes, Ceram.X Duo, Ceram.X Mono, Chemfil Molar, Chemfil Superior, Citanest 3% with Octapressin, Citoject, Clearfil, Clinpro™ Fluid, Clinpro™ Gel, Clinpro™ Prohpy Powder, Clinpro™ Prophy Paste, Clinpro™ Sealant, Clinpro™ White Varnish, Clove-Gel, Cocoa Butter, Composite Accessories, Composite Primer, Conseal F, Core restoratives, Corsodyl mouthwash, spray and gel, Curaprox, Dentsply products, desderman®, Diamond Bond, Diamond Finish composite, Die Spacer, Durafill, Durr, Dycal, Dyract eXtra, Dyract Flow, Elite HD+ (putty:wash, heavybody/monopha, Elite HD+ Maxi (putty/heavybody/monophas, Endo-Mate DT, Endo-Mate TC2, Endo NiTi, Explorer, Express ™ 2 Penta™ H, Express ™ 2 Penta™ H Quick, Express™ 2 Penta™ Putty, Express™ Heavy Body, Express ™ Heavy Body Quick, Express ™ Light Body Flow Quick Wash, Express ™ Light Body Flow Wash, Express ™ Light Body Standard, Express ™ Light Body Standard Quick, Express ™ Putty Quick, Express ™ Putty Soft, Express ™ Ultra-Light Body Wash, Filtek™ Silorane Low Shrink Posterior Re, Filtek™ Supreme XTE Universal Restorativ, Filtek™ Supreme XT Flowable, Filtek™ Z250, Filtek™ Z500 Universal Restorative, FLASH Pearl, Fuji Bond LC, FujiCem, Fuji Coat LC, Fuji I, Fuji II, Fuji II LC glass ionomer, Fuji IX GP, Fuji IX GP Extra, Fuji Lining LC, Fuji Ortho cements, Fuji Plus, Fujirock EP, Fuji Triage, Fujivest II, Fujivest Platinum, Fujivest Premium, Fujivest Super, Fuji VII, Fuji VIII GP, G-├Žnial, gigasept®, gigasonic®, gigazyme®, Gradia C&B System, Gradia Core and Fiber Post, Gradia Direct, Gradia Direct Flo, Gradia Direct LoFlo, Gradia Direct X, Gradia Gum, Gs-80, Gs-80 Spherical, Hydraulic Press PO3, ibond Self Etch, ibond Total Etch, Impregum™ Penta™, Impregum™ Penta™ Soft, Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Quick, Jet Bite Fast, Kalzinol, Ketac™ Bond, Ketac™ Fil Plus, Ketac™ Molar Aplicap™, Ketac™ Molar Easymix, Ketac™ Molar Quick Aplicap™, Kodak, Lignospan, mikrozid®, Pola Day, Pola Night, Pola Office, Pola Office Plus, Pola Paint, Pola Zing, Prime & Bond NT, Protemp™ 4, Protemp™ II, Quicktemp Temporary Crown Material, RelyX Unicem cement, RelyX™ ARC, RelyX™ Fiber Post, RelyX™ Temp NE, RelyX™ Unicem Aplicaps™/Maxicaps™/Clicke, RelyX™ Veneer, Riva Light Cure, Riva Luting, Riva Luting Plus, Riva Protect, Riva Self Cure, Riva Silver, Septalloy, Septanest, Septoject, Soflex™, TePe Interdental Brush, Tetric, Tetric Ceram HB, Tetric EvoCeram, Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill, Tetric EvoFloe, Velopex X-ray Processors, Venus, Venus Diamond, Venus Flow, Uposil, Oxford, Uporal, Handi, HandCare, Fortis, Precision Dental