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The Shofu Porcelain Teeth Mfg Co Ltd was started in 1922 to produce high quality teeth for the Japanese market. Subsequently it became the first Japanese company to developed high-quality porcelain. Today, its operations have grown beyond porcelain teeth to producing a complete range of innovative dental products with the emphasis on quality, backed by achieving ISO 9001:2008/EN ISO 13485:2003& AC:2009. Shofu Inc based in Kyoto, Japan now has offices around the world. Shofu UK established in 2010 replaced Shofu Dental Products Ltd created in 1992 to service the UK and Ireland. Its goals are to maintain and build on the quality of Shofu not only in its products, but also in providing the best possible service to its customers which is supported in the achievement of various quality assurance standards. Shofu is an official partner in MiCD (Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry) and recognised as a world leader in the development and manufacture of porcelain, abrasives, polishers and restorative materials. 

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Burs / diamonds / abrasives