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With over 20 years’ experience in UK dentistry, no other supplier is better placed to offer practice management solutions than Software of Excellence, which they do through their highly innovative practice management system EXACT™. To date SoE has had over 2200 conversions from other management systems meaning more practices use EXACT™ than any other practice management system in the UK.

They also have particularly high performance ratings in terms of customer satisfaction and in response to customer feedback the SoE support centre is now open Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings from 9am to 1pm.EXACT™ features a range of innovative features designed to Attract, Retain and Treat more patients improving the efficiency of all dental practices ensuring a smooth running practices that enables clinicians to concentrate on delivering excellent clinical care. Software of Excellence’s THRIVE programme has now been undertaken  by over 100 practices and takes the data in EXACT™ and uses it to help practitioners understand how their practice is performing in relation to defined Key Performance Indicators – helping them to monitor operations and improve productivity.

Software of Excellence also helps improve patient communication thanks to guru, a software programme designed for use at the chairside or in reception. guru facilitates the flow of information between professional and patient, increases patient understanding and encourages the uptake of treatment recommendations. Practices can use guru to provide evidence that a patient has been given all information necessary to make an informed decision about treatment, auditing the communication process and providing evidence to help with CQC compliance.

Software of Excellence has a philosophy of partnering with practices to develop flexible, customised systems that deliver real benefits in terms of clinical and practice management solutions.

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Computers, Digital imaging, IT Management services, Patient education, Practice Management Systems, X-ray accessories, X-ray apparatus