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Zhermack specialises in impression material technology and produces a range of high-quality silicone and alginate products. More recently it has diversified into dental stones, acrylics, infection control and laboratory equipment. Established in 1981, Zhermack is a privately-owned company based near Venice in Italy, with a sales and marketing office in the UK. Zhermack’s core brands include: Hydrogum; Orthoprint; Tropicalgin; Elite; Occlufast; Zetalabor and Gingifast.

Zhermack pioneered Zetalabor, the first laboratory putty, and Gingifast, the first gingival mask. More recently it has developed: Elite Transparent, a clear silicone; Hydrogum5, a 5-day stability alginate; Colorbite an extra rigid, but non-brittle bite registration silicone which changes colour on setting; and Elite Implant, the first sterile and radiopaque silicone for implant impressions. New this year is Colorise, an A-silicone impression system with outstanding hydrophilic properties and a colour change on working or setting times.

Zhermack also has a non-dental division for a multitude of industrial applications for alginate and silicone.

Products and Brands

Products Supplied: 
Casting apparatus, Flasks and dental presses, Furnaces, Gloves, Impression materials, Investments, Laboratory sundries, Orthodontic products, Plaster mixers and silos, Plasters, Sand blasters, Sterilising solutions, Training and seminars, Trimmers, Vibrators

Company Brands: 
Acrytemp, Alghamix, Algitray, Colorbite D, Elite Arti, Elite Base, Elite Double, Elite Glass, Elite Iperlink (adhesives), Elite Model, Elite Ortho, Elite Relining, Elite Rock, Elite Stone, Elite Transparent, Euclide, Freealign, Gingifast, Gypstray, Hi-Tray, Hydraulic Press PO3, Hydrogum, Hydrorise, Hydrosystem, Indurent (gel or liquid), Modulmix, Neocolloid, Occlufast Rock (bite registration), Oranwash, Orthogum, Orthoprint, Phase Plus, Platinum (Zetalabor), Prothyl, Sterigum, Tenure® Bonding Agent(Den-Mat), Thixoflex, Titanium (Zetalabor), Tropicalgin, Universal Tray Adhesive, Zetalabor, Zetaplus