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Event: How to communicate and sell to anyone, especially a dentist!

22 April 2019

In this 1-day interactive course designed specifically for BDIA members, Dr Barry Oulton (aka The Confident Dentist) will share some key skills, tips and tricks to improve your sales and communication successes within the profession.

It will be a day focused on communications and sales training, but is really beneficial for the whole team to attend to help build both internal and external relationships for the good of the business.


  • 1st impressions count - how to create the right, lasting impression
  • The power of mindset and how it determines your results
  • NLP communication model - creating positivity around you, your products and services
  • Rapport - your first, your last, your everything when it comes to success in communication and sales
  • Language that weaves magic and has them buying what you want

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