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CDO England update on staff isolation requirements

18 August 2021

The Chief Dental Officer for England, Sara Hurley, has issued a bulletin following the changes to self-isolation requirements that came into effect from 16th August. 

The bulletin highlights that fully vaccinated dental staff and students who are identified as a contact of a positive COVID-19 case will no longer be expected to isolate and will be expected to return to work. However, if the safeguards cannot be met, or if the staff member has not had both doses of the vaccine, or they are living directly (same household) with a positive COVID-19 case, they will be asked not to come to work. 

Further detail is available in an NHS letter, which outlines the safeguards that need to be met. The letter confirms that the update supersedes previous PHE guidance and applies to all staff including substantive clinical and non-clinical roles, staff bank, contractors and suppliers – and students working in all facilities, settings and organisations delivering NHS care.

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