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Government provision of free PPE to the health and care sector - Consultation Update

15 December 2021

Recent communications from the DHSC tell us that the Government’s response to the public consultation on free PPE provision was due to be published very soon. However, we now understand that, whilst the response will definitely be published, given other health priorities the DHSC cannot now confirm specifically when that may be.

In another development, the DHSC tells us that following a review of DHSC’s PPE distribution by the Competition Markets Authority (CMA) the DHSC has now been advised strongly that it cannot continue with its PPE supplier group meetings, as this could be seen to be treating a section of the wholesale market differently to the rest, and giving preferential treatment and an unfair commercial/market advantage to some organisations. In future all messaging will be public via GOV.UK. The consultation response will eventually be published here.

The Association has clarified that from a trade body perspective DHSC colleagues in dentistry policy will still be available to discuss sector related and PPE issues with the BDIA.

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