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Brexit - the UK will not be leaving the EU on 29th March

29 March 2019

Last week saw the agreement of a delay to the UK’s EU withdrawal date – and although this has (as is so often the case with Brexit) raised more questions than it has answered we now know that the UK will not be leaving the EU on 29th March as previously thought. At the time of writing, little more than that is known – the exit data could now be 22 May if an agreement is reached, or as early as 12 April if there is no deal.

Earlier this week in the House of Commons, MPs have voted against all eight of the different options for the next steps in the Brexit process. This was followed by a vote this afternoon to once again reject the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement. More than ever this begs the question of what will happen next, and we continue to recommend that members familiarise themselves with the official government Brexit guidance that we are circulating as part of our newsletters and dedicated updates as it is received.


The BBC has prepared another flow chart, included here,  outlining the possible outcomes for Brexit.

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