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Report published: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion within Dentistry

18 May 2021

The Diversity in Dentistry Action Group (DDAG) has published its report Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within Dentistry: A profession wide commitment. The DDAG Stakeholder Group, created under the auspices of the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, England, comprises 38 different dental organisations and institutions, including the BDIA. The report describes the creation of the DDAG, which was formed with a view to: 

  • Listen and allow others to be heard;
  • to understand and acknowledge the presence of discriminatory problems;
  • to educate others to become aware of the issues and why they require resolution;
  • and to deliver action to help address, mitigate, prevent and reinforce positive messaging that dentistry is a healthcare career open and welcome to all.

The DDAG has co-created this report with a range of dental organisations and groups, who have pledged their commitment to the key principles for change. It marks their collaborative commitment to change, in order to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in dentistry.

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