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Call for donations of dental neckties to the BDA Museum Dental Necktie Archive

29 October 2019

With neckties, specifically ‘club ties’, first worn in 1920, going out of fashion, Nairn Wilson is creating a dental necktie archive on behalf of the BDA Museum. To date the Archive includes more than 70 ties, ranging from hand-painted novelty ties to ties which must have been owned by very few individuals; for example, the College of General Dental Practitioners (CGDP) tie produced in 1991 when CGDP was formed by no more than 20 individuals ahead of the formation of FGDP(UK). To date the Archive includes just one dental industry tie – A Bayer Dental tie. If you have dental ties, including dental bow ties, which could be donated to the Archive, please send them to: Dental Tie Archive, c/o the BDA Museum, BDA Headquarters, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS, having identified each tie with a label or sticker and following any necessary cleaning.

Nairn hopes to collect enough dental ties to justify getting the BDA Museum into the Guinness Book of Records for a unique, large collection of dental ties from all around the world. All donors will be acknowledged in the record of the Dental Tie Archive. So, get into the back of your wardrobe or tie drawer, get out all those dental ties you haven’t worn for ages and send them off to Nairn.

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