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Scotland: Ventilation Improvement Allowance FAQs

18 October 2021

The Scottish Government has recently published a document answering some frequently asked questions on the Ventilation Improvement Allowance which, as previously reported, was announced in June. The FAQs are intended to help answer practitioners' queries and provide clarity on areas including the requirement for practitioners to provide NHS GDS for a further three years, the circumstances where portable measures, such as air scrubbers, are eligible, along with other useful information on the allowance.

In June’s announcement letter, Tom Ferris, the Chief Dental Officer - Scotland, stated that funding of up to £5 million would be available from the Scottish Government for the dental sector to help dental practices purchase, renew or upgrade ventilation equipment that meets the requirement of 10 air changes per hour. The scheme would run during the current financial year, with the funds held by NHS Boards and disbursed to those practices meeting the conditions of the scheme. Practices would be able to make a claim for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022.  

Read the Scotland ventilation FAQs

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