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Key resources

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One of the many benefits of becoming a BDIA member is access to all of our key resources - this includes research, statistics and surveys, as well as our members magazine, policies and annual updates. We offer many other resources to our members, including presentation slides and documents from our events and seminars, as well as technical and regulatory information. The full suite of available literature can be found in our members area.


Spotlight contains exclusive research and surveys conducted on behalf of members, covering technologies and trends in dental practice, training and dental media readership usage.

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Dental Insider 

Dental Insider provides industry and association news, as well as special features and interviews on topical themes to support education and knowledge transfer across member company teams.

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As the representative of manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, services and technologies, we present six priorities for future Government action in our Manifesto.

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Annual Review 

The BDIA Annual review highlights our activities and events throughout the previous year, as well as documenting our progress and achievements, and summarising our financial status as an association.

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Code of Practice

All of our members adhere to our comprehensive Code of Practice, containing guidelines on promotions, complaints & competition law.

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CPD Code of Practice

Our CPD Code of Practice benefits both users and providers of CPD, setting out a range of quality controls in line with the requirements of the GDC.

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Business Conditions Survey

This survey tracks sentiment on business conditions and future expectations across a number of key indicators, such as sales and a range of costs.


Buyer Behaviour Survey

Our comprehensive guide to the UKCA regulatory framework for medical devices.

Other resources

Digital Futures & AI

Sarah Wilkinson, CEO of NHS Digital at the BDIA conference 2019


Maintaining the Strategic Intent

Sara Hurley, CDO- England at the BDIA conference 2019


The Changing Shape of the Dental Market

Martin Woodrow, BDA Acting Chief Executive at the BDIA conference 2019


Performance Evaluation

Martin Penver, Technical & Regulatory Manager from SGS at the BDIA conference 2019


MDR Update

Monisha Phillips, Global Head, Orthopaedic & Dental, BSI Group at the BDIA conference 2019


ISO 13485 Seminar Slides

Full seminar slide deck.


GDPR Seminar Slides

March 2018


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we pride ourselves on our community of members - some have been with the BDIA for over 60 years, we consider that a great achievement.


successfully studied and passed the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry - there have been 6 Revisions of the course material since its inception.


negotiated by the BDIA in TAP (Tradeshow Access Programme) funding for members interested in export and to exhibit at overseas tradeshows.


received for our CSIDI (Counterfeit and Substandard Instruments and Devices Initiative) advertising campaign since it's launch.