Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety Services

Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety Services

With Over 75 years supporting successful UK businesses Croners' award winning HR, employment law and health & safety services free you from admin, remove your legal risk and give you more time to grow your business. How do we do it?

Through industry-leading software that cuts the time you spend on workforce management. By providing you with 24/7 expert advice on any workforce challenge. And by giving you access to a team of legal experts ready to fight your case if you face an employee dispute, grievance or tribunal.

We’re like hiring an HR team, a health & safety manager and an employment law solicitor all in one. That’s why 8,600 UK businesses rely on us to keep them safe and successful. You can do the same.

As a BDIA member you are able to access our Business Support Helpline for comprehensive telephone advice on Tax, VAT, Payroll, Employment & Personnel, Health & Safety and Commercial Legal matters. 

Call 0844 561 8133 and quote membership number 28763.

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