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Members are admitted in accordance with the Articles of Association and with the approval of BDIA Council. Applicants will be checked against the Credit Protection Agency’s database and agree to be bound by the terms of the BDIA’s Code of Practice and Articles for the duration of their membership.

Full membership
The company must :

  • Be engaged in the UK business of manufacturing and/or supplying products or services for dentists, dental laboratories etc. for use in the practice of dentistry.
  • Show that its dental business has adequate resources to meet its obligations as evidenced by accounts showing three years’ trading figures.
  • Be of sufficient size and has adequate financial backing to perform its function efficiently and without undue risk of going out of business to the detriment of its suppliers and, by the discontinuance of necessary services, of its customers.
  • Have the necessary management, staff, experience, skills, capability, premises, equipment and other facilities to enable it to perform its function efficiently and with all the supporting services necessary to do so.

Group membership

  • A supplementary payment will be payable by the group holding company for each subsidiary company associated with the dental industry and which trades with a totally different name and operates independently.
  • Companies with group membership will be entitled to their own entry in the Association's Membership Directory.

Provisional membership

  • The Council may, at its discretion admit provisional members who have been in business for less than three years.
  • Provisional membership shall normally not last for more than three years from the applicant's commencement of trading.
  • The BDIA Council may permit transfer to full membership after three years, or earlier.
  • Provisional members have similar benefits to full members except voting and must not state or imply that they are full members of the Association.

Affiliate membership

  • Granted at the discretion of Council, normally to firms with a major interest in dentistry (e.g. finance houses; journals; computer software suppliers).
  • Also used for newly established UK subsidiaries of international dental companies.
  • They have similar benefits to full members except voting.